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  • Ownership – 100 % GGL
  • Location – Lac de Gras Region, Northwest Territories. Centered 36 km NW of Ekati Diamond Mine, 65 km NW of Diavik Diamond Mine
  • Size – 21,336 Hectares

The Rhombus property was acquired by staking in winter 2018. The property lies 40 kilometers northwest of the Ekati Diamond mine. This location exploits an apparent periodicity in the Ekati and Diavik economic trends further supported by the nearly one carat per tonne large DO-27 kimberlite resource controlled by Peregrine Diamonds.

Rhombus contains 4 kimberlites discovered in the early 1990s, all of which are diamond bearing. A review of data in the public domain suggests there is the potential for additional unidentified kimberlite bodies. The original discoveries were a quarter of a century ago and no work has been conducted on the property area since 2006.

Kimberlite exploration tools, techniques and understanding have evolved immensely in the past decade and the Company plans to apply these advancements to move the property towards additional discovery. This approach has been successfully demonstrated by Kennady Diamonds Inc. at the Kelvin-Faraday kimberlite complex that was initially discovered in 1999-2000 and received no further evaluation for a dozen years due to the initial interpretation and resulting lack of encouragement. In 2012, a new approach including modernized exploration techniques and understanding has developed this kimberlite complex to the resource stage with a recent all share purchase  by Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. valued at $162-million (April  2018).

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