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  • Ownership – 100 % GGL
  • Location – Lac de Gras Region, Northwest Territories. Centered 55 km SSW of Ekati Diamond Mine, 40 km SW of Diavik Diamond Mine
  • Size – 30,707 Hectares
  • 2 known diamondiferous kimberlites

The Bishop property was acquired by staking in winter 2018 as an expansion to the mining lease held by GGL which contains the diamondiferous Bishop kimberlite discovered in 2006. The property is south of and on trend with the economic diamond deposits of the Ekati diamond mine.

This region of Lac de Gras was extensively explored by GGL over a decade ago and included multiple seasons of exploration campaigns. Detailed airborne geophysics and heavy mineral sampling dominated the work. High resolution ground geophysical surveys followed up on airborne targets prioritized by indicator mineral results. This work resulted in the discovery of the Bishop kimberlite which returned 11 diamonds from the initial 78.2 kilogram sample. Further review of the Bishop data suggests that additional drilling is required to thoroughly evaluate the geology, geometry and diamond distribution throughout the kimberlite as additional phases may be present.

A large gravity anomaly proximal to Bishop was subsequently tested with several short reverse circulation drill holes. This drilling intercepted a small amount of kimberlite. Further ground geophysics followed by core drilling is required to determine the size and potential grade of this kimberlite discovery.

The remainder of the property contains numerous high priority targets identified in previous exploration campaigns conducted by GGL. The world economic crisis of 2008 essentially eliminated access to capital for exploration companies and as a result the Company was not able to move these targets forward to drill evaluation. The Company plans to continue its target evaluation process which has been on hold since.

In addition to the reacquisition of historic GGL targets in the Bishop staking campaign the Company was also successful in acquiring the Courageous kimberlite located in the south of the new land tenure. The Courageous kimberlite, initially identified in 2005, was further advanced with core drilling in 2008 by Consolidated Global Diamond Corp (Consolidated). GGL’s review of public domain data and news releases identified this historic discovery as open ground. The Courageous kimberlite geophysical anomaly is described by Consolidated as being a coincident magnetic and resistivity anomaly. Consolidated announced drilling into sediments containing various amounts of tuffaceous kimberlite rocks. The crater sediments are further described as occupying a sub circular area of approximately 1,100 meters. Drilling difficulties prevented Consolidated from penetrating beyond the crater sediments and fully evaluating the potential diatreme below. A 78.4 kg sample of the sediments returned 8 micro-diamonds indicating the kimberlite source rocks are diamond bearing. GGL intends to complete detailed ground geophysical surveys at Courageous followed by further evaluation of the kimberlite and its diamond potential.

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