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Doyle Lake

Project Status

The “Doyle Project”:

  • 100% GGL-owned; 16,336 acres.
  • Includes the Doyle diamondiferous kimberlite dyke, first discovered in 1996 and to date, traced over a strike length of two kilometers and down dip for one kilometer but the total extent of the kimberlite is to be determined.
    • The kimberlite body averages two meters in thickness.
    • A 45 tonne mini-bulk sample from one trench returned a low grade of diamond, 13.52 carats per hundred tones, but a higher than normal proportion was gem quality.  The largest diamond recovered was a 1.25 carat stone, while the largest gem quality diamond was a 0.83 carat diamond of exceptional clarity and color.
    • Consultants have advised that additional mini-bulk samples are required to evaluate the diamond grade.
    • The Doyle kimberlite dyke is one of ten kimberlite pipes, dykes and blows (all diamondiferous) that have been discovered along a 20 km northwesterly corridor that is centered around the cluster of pipes that comprise the Gahcho Kue diamond property, being prepared for production by De Beers. The Gahcho Kue property is about 10 km from the Doyle kimberlite,
  • A possible parallel second kimberlite dyke was found in one drill hole close to and east of the Doyle kimberlite; it will also require exploration by drilling.
  • Other drill targets remain to be tested.
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For detailed information, including maps, charts and illustrations of exploration activities and results from the Doyle dyke, please go to PRESENTATIONS (under SPECIAL section) - an award winning PowerPoint presentation made by GGL CEO Ray Hrkac and three GGL consultants to a 2005 symposium of the IGES in Perth, Australia.

New Century claims:

The 100% GGL-owned New Century property consists of 11 mining leases containing 25,489 acres; the leases were acquired from Mountain Province, Camphor Ventures, and De Beers.  The acquired leases contain the MZ Lake diamondiferous kimberlite sheets (shallow dipping sheet-like kimberlite bodies).  Four separate kimberlite sheets have been discovered by drilling and all are diamondiferous.  One has been traced for 1 km along strike, although at this time little is known about the extensions to depth.  The MZ system of kimberlite sheets is being evaluated. 


The leases are subject to Royalty Agreements, in which royalties total 1.5% of net returns (gross revenues less permissible deductions).  The Company has agreed to keep the leases in good standing and submit three yearly lease rental payments to the NWT Mining Recorders Office 


Six diamond drill holes were drilled in the summer of 2006 to test anomalies previously identified from airborne and ground geophysics, and from indicator mineral sample analysis.  Two of the drill holes intersected kimberlite bodies, which are thought to be part of the extensive MZ dyke system, which has now been traced over an area 4 km x 1.5 km.


A number of targets that may represent kimberlite pipes have been identified and remain to be tested. 


De Beers Doyle JV (De Beers 60%, GGL 40% carried interest)

Under an agreement dated May 25, 1995, De Beers earned a 60% interest in GGL’s original Doyle Lake properties.  At present, the JV claims consist of the LA 5 – LA 9 claims and fractional claims Extra 2 to Extra 4 inclusive.  (The remaining LA claims and fractions were returned 100% to the company.)   The North boundary of the Doyle JV is approximately 150 m from the Hearne kimberlite pipe, one of the Gahcho Kue diamond pipes being permitted for production.  


Several gravity low anomalies have been identified as potential kimberlite targets.

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